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I’m a UFC fan because of this man, 007. Jason “The Hitman” Brilz has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 18 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw. Jason has an upcoming match in Las Vegas on the 29th of May–he is 0n the main card, just before the main event. The cool thing about Jason, other than the fact that he’s my son, is that he rose to such a high level of competition in such a competitive sport as an amateur, meaning that it’s kind of like his hobby–I believe that most of his fights, at least the past few years, have been with full-time fighters. Of course, his “real” life meshes fairly nicely with the goals and work ethic of a mixed martial artist; nonetheless, it is his passion, his drive, and his need for competition which sets him apart. Jason’s been competing in one fashion or another since he was old enough to walk. Looking back, it is no surprise to find him here, where he is today. It’s almost as though the course of his actions throughout his life have moved him, inexorably, to this night, in Las Vegas, before a stage of hundreds of thousands of people, where he will surprise and amaze not so much because of talent, of which he is amply blessed, but because of his passion, because of his heart, because he is a modern-day gladiator,  Maximus,  warrior; a  coach, firefighter, friend; an inspiration; a husband, father, and son. This is who Jason is, and this is why he will win.

I’ve had occasion to get tangled up with The Hitman, usually in the pool, where I’m less apt to get hurt, and although I’m no slouch myself, musculoskeletally speaking, Jason tosses me around like a rag doll.

“Go ahead, Dad,” he’ll say; and I’ll wrap him up in a full Nelson and a scissors lock with my legs. A few seconds pass; I sense this tremendous force, power, strength…whatever, and then I’m somehow flying through the air. But, I’ve been training this past year with a DVD program that my brother-in-law, Jimmy, gave me because it was too hard on his knees–it’s called P90X; so I’m ready to have another go at The Hitman, in the pool of course.