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I’ve stopped keeping tract of the time. At first, I thought it’d be kind of cool to see how quickly I could knock this out; alas, it goes not so quickly, and one afternoon seems much as another, and day follows day, each ending in a pile of dirty clothes and sweat soaked work boots; and I’ve yet to lay an actual stone, stones that are stacked in low walls along random borders around the yard; tree lines, driveway, walkways, stacked stone that I pass between with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt and fill and rocks, maneuvering between the iatrogenically narrowed pathway, wondering why in the world I stacked them on both sides of the walkway at such an idiotic distance apart, but too tired and lazy to move them now.

Terracing the gardenI’m hoping that concrete blocks and core-filling grout are idiot-proof because I’m not specifically mortaring one block to another, except for the last row on top, and that didn’t seem to work so well. Maybe the mortar needs to be wetter–I’ll try that tomorrow; still, with the rebar and the pourable concrete, it all seems fairly solid; plus, I’ll have a series of irregular boxes (concrete block sections) before I’m done, and they will all be interlocked with each other as one unit, so I don’t think there will be much movement, at least, I hope not.

I want to get the middle level leveled and done (I’m adding one more row of blocks, 2/3rds of the way this side (on the far side will be the stairs going to the top) so that I can throw the dirt down into it to fill it rather than wheelbarrowing it up and out and beyond the fringe of the front yard, which has already developed¬† mounds of dirt like you might see in the unfriendly part of a golf course except of course that my mounds are not covered in grass.

Another angle:

Terracing a gardenI didn’t know there were so many kinds of mortar; type N, S, and I can’t remember the others–I just read the description on the placard associated with each kind of mortar and picked what sounded right. I’ve also become a low-voltage lighting expert, at least so far; I guess we’ll see when I eventually plug everything in.

I have this picture in my head, kind of, and I don’t know that it will come to pass; but at least I’m losing a hell of a lot of weight.