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Today, I added the paver-lock sand, which is pretty much magic as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure there must be a use for it in the OR if I just think hard enough. And I was right about the river rock around the cobblestone, I don’t think the granite would have looked proper.

Cobblestone circle



I am now ready for winter and all is done, mainly. I only fell down once, in the rain garden, when I twisted my ankle on a rock while levering the 20′ ladder against the roof to put up the heat tape in the roof valley’s. Awesome view up there, but a little scary in a precarious sort of way. I’d much rather stumble on the ground than on the roof.



Time for something new now, and it has to do with warmth, interior environments, and mental stimulation, as opposed to the physical stimulation of hard labor that has so occupied these past three months during my back-breaking work of staggering genius.

Time for me to poke the monster in the eye.