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I feel like John Merrick of The Elephant Man as he places the last piece on his puzzle of St. Phillip’s; “It is done.” Fadeout.

Although, when I saw The Elephant Man a few years ago, played brilliantly by Joe Faust, the script was modified slightly from the original English text: “It is done; and so am I.” Then John/Joe lay down and quietly died from asphyxiation. Conversely, I still breath easy, effortlessly even; nonetheless, I have this sense of completeness to the point, as happens from time to time at the completion of a major task or operation, of wondering if this was the meaning of my life, my special purpose as it were, and all that follows is rather anticlimactic, a lame-duck life remaining. I hope not. I guess the morrow will tell if I awake.

I’m ready for something different.