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einstein and jesus

Einstein and Jesus


This is what I see everyday. At work. It hangs across from my desk, and as I’m signing records endless times in multiple insignigicant places,┬áreviewing lab and X-ray results, and dictating patient encounters, Einstein and Jesus are always close.

The placard at the bottom of the Jesus-plaque says, “Compliments of Senger’s Grocery, 1953”. My Grandfather used to give these away to his customers in south Bismarck where he had a small store next to the house he built.

The picture that Jesus rests upon is from a small art gallery in Hawaii, the big island. I have to keep it in my office for two years before I can bring it home, but it’s been more than two years and I left it there because I’ve gotten used to it and couldn’t imagine the wall without it, a naked white rectangle absent something meant to be like an angel without wings.