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Monday afternoon was a beautiful day on Lake Michigan, unless you were a salmon or trout, four to five miles off Whitefish Bay in Door County, where I took Jason, Becky and Brad fishing. We went out with Prime Time Charters, who were kind enought to donate the trip for the Eric Murrock benefit, which is were I won it with the silent auction. So, hats off to Prime Time.

Brad Johnson really isn’t Jason’s sparring partner, but I thought I’d give him a little exposure.

You wouldn’t guess that Jason was a big tough UFC fighter from how much sweating it took for him to reel in a tiny trout. He said it was because he trained so hard earlier that morning.

I hooked together some video I shot with my new Motorola Milestone phone, which is a real monster. The first time my brother-in-law saw it, he said, “Jesus, I didn’t think they made belt clips for ipads.”

I do have a little buyer’s remorse over the massive size, but so far, I do kind of like having a laptop on my belt. I think it might make my butt look smaller, and, well, I can shoot impromptu video and photos, like this.