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Soccer in Door County

I always imagined I’d like soccer, if ever exposed to it; but, I never went looking for it until it found me. Now, I’m watching youtube videos on soccer skills and drills, and amazing displays of foot skills that are as magic to me. I’m tentively planning a match with some friends, but am not sure I’ll beat the weather this year. The video above is of a young man from Brazil who is an exchange student living with us for at least the first semester of the year. In Brazil, a boy’s first gift is a soccer ball and a jersey. Higor said that it would not be uncommon for a Brazilian boy to recieve up to ten soccer balls and ten jerseys on any given birthday. Higor’s favorite team is the Corinthians.

I found that I enjoyed watching soccer very much, and was fortunate enough to catch Higor’s goal on video during parent’s night. He normally plays defense and usually not in a position to score. Last Saturday, we went to the soccer practice field. Sue bought me a soccer ball, a blue adidas, on Friday, the same day I stopped at Dunham’s and bought one myself, a red Nike. So we had a couple of balls and Higor gave me a brief primer, and I managed to not break anything before expending myself. It took 15 minutes.

Higor also plays chess. I bought a chess book by some guy, whose name starts with a “C”, written in the 1920’s, but I can’t find the same code for the little squares he uses in his book. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll still lose, I just didn’t want to lose inside of three moves.

Charter Fishing with UFC fighter, Jason (the Hitman) Brilz, his wife, Becky, and sparring partner, Brad Johnson

Monday afternoon was a beautiful day on Lake Michigan, unless you were a salmon or trout, four to five miles off Whitefish Bay in Door County, where I took Jason, Becky and Brad fishing. We went out with Prime Time Charters, who were kind enought to donate the trip for the Eric Murrock benefit, which is were I won it with the silent auction. So, hats off to Prime Time.

Brad Johnson really isn’t Jason’s sparring partner, but I thought I’d give him a little exposure.

You wouldn’t guess that Jason was a big tough UFC fighter from how much sweating it took for him to reel in a tiny trout. He said it was because he trained so hard earlier that morning.

I hooked together some video I shot with my new Motorola Milestone phone, which is a real monster. The first time my brother-in-law saw it, he said, “Jesus, I didn’t think they made belt clips for ipads.”

I do have a little buyer’s remorse over the massive size, but so far, I do kind of like having a laptop on my belt. I think it might make my butt look smaller, and, well, I can shoot impromptu video and photos, like this.