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I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble, even though the local store didn’t want to put my book on the shelf, but, I’m a reasonable person, and I still like the wireless access. I’m waiting for the “Opera” browser to download because someone told me my blog header looked a bit “wonky” in the browser, and I’m not quite sure what he met. I think he’s from Australia because he called me “mate.” 

I have a trashy novel from the bargain pile in a bag; when I say “trashy” I mean to say not quite mind-expanding. In fact, I brought a mind-expanding book with that I actually purchased on Amazon–aaahh, revenge is a dish best served cold–oh, yeah, that’s right, I’m reasonable. Actually, I’ve spent so much money over the years at B&N that it doesn’t really matter. Actually, it really doesn’t matter at all in the noumenal sense, as does nothing else, since who really knows what reality is anyway, filtered as it is through a meagre, faulty five senses.

I must sound confused. Too much mind-expansion with Dinesh D’Souza, interspersed with de Chardin–I’d better dive into that Brad Thor novel about some Navy seal who I think is going to kill some religious fundamentalist nuts, or at least I hope so. I think it will serve as a nice spacer between What’s So Great about Christianity and The Phenomenon of Man; and my next shipment from amazon. That will keep me very busy, but will be so incredibly mind-expanding that I’m sure I’ll go completely bonkers. I remember the last time I entered a reading phase, I didn’t exit it for four years and had a book by the end of it. I wish I didn’t have to work so much, I’d rather just read.