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The other day I picked up the Peninsula Pulse laying on my coffee table and discovered that I had received an honorable mention for The Wisconsin People & Ideas 2014 Fiction Contest. I vaguely remember sending in a story a few days before the deadline; a story I’d actually submitted to the annual fiction contest at the Pulse except that I blew a little dust off it and added about 500, apparently significant, words. I remember submitting a story in 2010 that I had written while convalescing from a self-induced injury. That story was about the 12th Imam; this one was a love story, more or less. If you’ve navigated to the link, you’ll see my honorable mention, the first of five, in small print below the pictures of the winners. I appreciate the efforts of The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters; still, my effort at the writing of Swimming to Saba remains yet another unread story, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on ones perspective. That is, until now. I thought I’d post it for the hand full of readers that might stumble across it, perhaps searching for the location of the island of Saba, or maybe searching for ways to improve their swimming or what to do in Saba; but, certainly not by searching for fiction by shaun melarvie–of that I am certain.

Here’s the pdf file: Swimming to Saba 4.